Nikon D3300 Lens Calibration

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Re: Nikon D3300 Lens Calibration

Laka_SL wrote:


I recently brought a Nikon D3300 camera. It gives good sharp images with Nikon lenses. But When I'm using a other brand lens, it gives blurred images, and those lenses are giving sharp images when I connect them to other Nikon camera bodies.

When I ask this from my friends who uses DSLR cameras, they told me that lens should be calibrated with camera body. But there in no such option in Nikon D3300 to lens calibration.

Plz give me a solution for the issue and let me know how to calibrate lens in Nikon D3300.


Three things are not clear:

- What do you mean blurred? Are they "soft" meaning in-focus but edges and fine detail is lacking definition or are they completely out of focus?

- What are the "Other Nikon camera bodies", are they lower resolution than your D3300, if so then the larger pixels may be hiding "softness" that you see with higher MP body. Do they have a screw drive auto focus motor, perhaps they are able to focus the lens while your body does not have the ability to focus a lens that does not have its own focus motor.

- What is the "Other" brand? and specifically the lens? Sigma tends to support their lenses with firmware that they can upgrade for you if you send the lens in, not all 3rd party lenses have AF-S equivalent motor and need the camera to drive the focus, your camera cannot do that. Newer Sigma lenses have the ability to connect to a computer via an USB dock so you can tune focus yourself on a computer.

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