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Well, I guess you can live with it, but Linux might work better.

Possibly. Until you need to run a Windows application.

FastRawViewer works well under Wine, I heard.

What other Windows applications might you need?

You finally got TurboTax to run directly on Linux?


I've been exploring Chrome OS for my wife who can't seem to accept that "Instant On", in the Windows world, is not really instantaneous. However Turbo Tax has an online service that claims/implies to be as complete as their Windows tools.

H&R Block has a true chrome app available for download to chrome. But the Chrome photo apps still seemed aimed at teen-aged girls. Not a lot of substance there.

I worked with Linux professionally as a Teradata DBA, so I have a fairly good idea of it's capabilities. I simply don't think it will EVER have much of a presence on the desktop.

History suggests you are correct. After all these years, desktop Linux is still mired in low single digits market share. Plenty of Linux usage, just not on desktop PCs.

There is NO economic incentive to make it truly the out of box experience that Windows and the Mac OS are. Plus the commitment to hunt down and fix compatibility issues that would multiply once Linux was in the hands of Grannie and Uncle Jack to the point where volunteers simply couldn't keep up. I am afraid it will remain in the domain of hobbyists and others willing to make the commitment to really learning it.

That is also my experience; I've never needed Linux professionally, but I've used it on and off since 1994. It's quite easy (probably as easy as Windows) to do simple GUI things, but when anything goes seriously wrong the troubleshooting is still challenging IMO.

But for some things, it's excellent. I'd hate to be without it myself.

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