Tripod leveling

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Tripod leveling

Hello all,

Am wondering if anyone knows of a small 'electronic' tripod levelling gadget {as opposed to the conventional bubble type }.

I have the built-in bubble type on my tripods, video heads and half-ball accessory{Andoor/Kingjoy etc}, but am blocked from viewing any of them from an ideal angle for much of the time {when using my long lenses mainly}.

It is not an issue when my initial shooting position remains the same for long periods, but it is in situations where I frequently need to change position...especially as I am always on uneven ground.

It generally is not necessary for it to be precisely level for many of my usual short pans...except in situations where the horizon may suddenly appear in the frame {which is always likely when shooting on my local coast}.

I have looked in the usual places {Amazon/Ebay etc}, but apart from bulky/expensive laser type gadgets used by surveyors, there doesn't seem to be much available.

I'm surprised, as many cameras have an electronic levelling feature/display, so in theory it should be a fairly cheap gadget to produce.....yet small separate units seem not to be commonly available.

Ideally for my needs, something tiny {maybe with just LED indicators} that could be screwed to the bottom of a short tripod centre column would be I usually am shooting {and moving} in crouched positions in those types of areas.

Has anyone stumbled across something like this?

If not, I shall continue to muddle through in those situations.

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