Help me find a lightweight and efficient Lightroom workflow

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Re: Help me find a lightweight and efficient Lightroom workflow

amateursurfphotog wrote:

right now my workflow is a mess and the space on my HD is suffering b/c of it.

any advice or insight appreciated

You have been given the exact advice you need from other posters. I will just try to summarize (at least the way I’d do it):

1. Shoot single format (RAW, jpeg, whatever you prefer).

2. Open Lightroom and import your pictures. Edit as needed.

3. Export only *IF* needed.

If you have created duplicates,  versions you no longer want or pictures you don’t like for whatever the reason, just right-click on the Lightroom browser (at the bottom) and select “delete”. Select the ‘delete from disk’ option. You can delete more than one picture at the same time by using ‘shift’ to select a range of pictures.

Those simple steps should keep things in order for you. Please, notice all of your work is done from within Lightroom.

Good luck!

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