Help me find a lightweight and efficient Lightroom workflow

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Re: Help me find a lightweight and efficient Lightroom workflow

amateursurfphotog wrote:

dj_paige wrote:

amateursurfphotog wrote:

right now my workflow is a mess and the space on my HD is suffering b/c of it.

my process (roughly) is as such:

1. shoot RAW+JPEG

2. insert SD card into laptop

3. use the JPEG file as a sort of "preview"

4. move the files (both RAW and JPEG) i want to work with/keep from SD Card to HD or import into LR directly

5. edit RAW file in LR and export

this leaves me with multiple copies of the "same" file:

a. the original RAW

b. the original JPEG

c. the edited RAW(s) - depending on how many revisions i make

d. the edited JPEG

any advice or insight appreciated

#4 -- import into LR directly. No need for two steps, copy the photos to the HD and then import, when LR does both of these things in one user action.

If you don't want so many copies of a photo, then don't shoot RAW+JPG, shoot RAW only. It is my opinion, and the opinion of at least one other person, that shooting RAW+JPG in Lightroom is just an extra opportunity for mistakes to happen, plus of course it takes up more disk space. And don't edit the JPG, if you have the RAW. Certainly don't export the edited JPG.

If you make multiple revisions of a photo, you don't need to keep the previous exports. Just keep the last one, the Export dialog box allows you to overwrite previous exports. Or if you want to keep several of your edits, use virtual copies in Lightroom, this takes almost no extra disk space.

But also, if you need to export multiple edit revisions of your photo, then this takes up more disk space, and this is NOT a Lightroom issue at all, it would be the same with any other editor.

thanks Paige.

some clarifying questions:

1. if i shoot RAW only, i would only import the RAW into LR and make my edits.

but what do you mean by "certianly don't export the edited JPG"? isn't the ultimate goal to export the edited RAW into a JPG?

Yes, but you were talking about editing the JPG (your 5d), which is different than editing the RAW (your 5c), and then export the edited JPG. 5d is what I'm advising against. It's fine to edit the RAW (5c) and export as JPG.

Also, please note that when you edit a photo in Lightroom, it does NOT create a new file on your disk. Your edits are saved without creating a new file on your hard disk (meaning 5c might be worded incorrectly). So you can make as many revisions as you want, and no new files are created. A new file is created ONLY if you export.

lastly, how do i remove previous exports and only keep the latest revisions? is there any type of setting to automatically do this?


If you export using the same file name as the previous export of the same original, it will overwrite previous exports with the same file name (I believe it asks you first if you want to overwrite, in this case you would answer YES)

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