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Re: Video shooting using 5d Mark iv C-Log

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I currently own:

  1. Canon 7D
  2. Canon 100mm L IS
  3. Canon 70-200mm L IS II
  4. 17-55mm IS
  5. Canon Speedlite 600 EX II

Shooting details (scheduled on 1/21):

  • Will be inside home with natural light from windows
  • Shooting the ceremony inside home
  • I want to shoot in 4K C-Log whenever possible
  • I also want to shoot few slow-motion shots

For this I am planning to rent:

  1. Canon 5D Mark IV with C-Log
  2. Canon 35mm f1.4 L II
  3. Canon 85mm f1.4 L IS

Since this is my first try at 4K & C-Log video, I have few questions:

  • Are these lenses (own & rented) good for the shoot (both video and pics)?
  • I want to have a simple strategy to switch between photo mode to video mode (may be on two different bodies too. But since it is going to be inside our home, I am thinking 5D mark iv will be good choice for both pics and video). I need advice from the professionals on this.
  • I am not that good at figuring out if the subject (for example eye in close-ups) is perfectly in focus or not by looking at the back-LCD screen (based on my experience on my 7D). So, I am planning to use 5D mark iv’s auto focus in the video so that when subject moves, the focus is automatically adjusted. Is that reliable?
  • What are the recommended frame rate settings for video?
  • In the final video (after post processing), I want to have few slow-motion shots.
    • For that do I need to shoot those shots in HD with higher framerate?
    • Or is there any way to shoot in 4K c-log and still get slow motion?
    • This might sound silly, but asking anyways as I don’t have any experience in video. If I have to shoot in HD for slow-motion shots, can I include those shots in the final video along with 4k shots? Will there be any problem with the frame rate not matching?
  • I am planning to handhold the 5D IV for video as using Gimbal may complicate the switch between video and photo modes. Is that ok?
  • Any other advice?

Thanks in advance.

I was a Nikon user. I have moved to Canon 5div because of video.

Just to get you up to speed before you rent the camera:

5div has 4k video (29 fps) that you can shoot in Av (auto mode) with 1.7 crop.

5div with c Log (4k) has a 1.2 crop but can only be recorded in Manual mode (not Av or Tv). You need to select your own ISO, Tv and Av. It is not that hard after you have used it for a while.

I haven't heard that the new C-Log uses a 1.2 crop compared to the original 1.7 crop. Can you confirm this? If it is correct I'll send my 5D-IV in for an upgrade as soon as possible.

If you are shooting handheld indoor for static subject with average light, a zoom lens with big aperture and IS is great. That's the reason why i have acquired Tamron 15-30 f2.8 IS canon mount for video. It is big and heavy but great for video. 35 mm with crop is a bit tight for video and your views are limited.

Handheld dslr video without IS is not easy unless you have super steady hand or use a tripod.

Canon DPAF works in manual or auto mode and is the best in its class..

Canon 35 f1.4 II is one of the best prime lenses i ever own. There is no question about the still with your lens selection.

Just a bit of information if you intend to shoot in c log with 5d iv.

CLOG on the 5D Mark IV is the same 1.7x crop as it is without CLOG.

That's what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.

No, cLog is 1.27 crop.

In video recording, i switch from Av (canon 4k 1.7 crop) to M mode (canon c log 1.27) when i have the time to adjust the settings. That's the main reason i have clog installed. The difference in crop is noticeable on LCD.

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