Client asking for additional headshots taken at an event I'm shooting.

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Re: Why are your rates different?

richiebee wrote:

I would think carefully about whether its worth risking souring a relationship over it. Personally, I would never think it's worth it. I would include the headshots in the event rate. A large basis of me maintaining my largest personal client is that I don't nickel and dime them. I also landed that client based on a good will gesture I did for a non-profit a couple of years ago. It has been nicely profitable for me.

Maybe circumstances are that this will never be a repeat client, but my philosophy is to try to be good to everyone. That's how referrals happen.

I've even gone as far as not reacting to other drivers on the road who do stupid things, like cutting me up, not signalling, or any number of other driving infractions that make my blood boil. You never know who your next client is. Be mindful of good customer service always.

I can see that if you have a "large personal client" that is bringing in a lot of money on a steady basis, that you would accommodate them, perhaps, differently - but, believe me, they are nickel and diming you at every turn if they keep asking a lot of extra favors.

It's strategic to be able to look ahead and see where you might be able to do a tit-for-tat that becomes "nicely profitable" at a later date.

But understand that different pros have different models and there's nothing wrong at all with valuing your work without having to be a jerk about it. I don't think that stating a price that differentiates head shots from the event photography is being demanding to the degree that one would lose a client. It's just being sure in your pricing and being able to sell that to the client in a way that the client sees the value.

Haha, I love your attitude about being nice to everyone because you are absolutely right. Good customer service means being away that you are being watched all the time - excellent point. It can be a very fine line to walk to talk about money with a client - but we need to be able to do that and feel like it's the right thing to do. You sound like you have a way of sort of dancing with your clients so that you end up getting what you want in a long haul. I think that too many photographers feel like they are being pressured by competitors to give stuff away...when in fact, the clients very often are thinking about "How much do I like working with this photographer?" more than the money aspect. They may be willing to pay a bit more for a photographer they like who gets along in their events and makes their company look professional.

Interesting discussion. Makes me think.

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