A7r3 pixel shift compared to sdQuattro.

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Re: A7r3 pixel shift compared to sdQuattro.

Pattern Man wrote:

TN Args wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

Pattern Man wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

Pattern Man wrote:

jbr wrote:

You are right, a detail so small is not of consequence in the final image. I think the Quattro image looks more natural than the Sony at 100%. Joe

docmaas wrote:

Nice job on the color matching.

I do think Quattro does have a slight tendency to miss color shifts in small detail. I think I've seen similar things but only by accident. Just as here it is not usually something someone would see. I haven't looked at enough sony images to assess whether that a problem in sony as well but it wouldn't surprise me if it were.


jbr wrote:

Interesting. I know you said there were mistakes made but there is something interesting to see. From your shots here is a comparison of the Quattro single shot to the Sony Pixel shift. So we are effectively comparing a 20 Mpix Quattro to a 18 Mpix RGB image. I did adjust the colour to make comparison easier. The Sony is not modified and there is some USM(100 at 0.3) on the Quattro. I would have used the Sony Single shot but it is too heavily sharpened.

They look pretty close too me for resolution but there is at least one spot where the Quattro did not pick up a colour difference. Look dead centre of the image at the brown twig on the tree trunck in the middle of the moss. It is brown in the Sony but Quattro colours it green.

Let we saturate a lot to see difference


What crop is really color?


Left or right picture has more colore details?


We might need to allow for non-native-English speaking. I hope I haven't insulted anyone in mentioning that.

I too am not sure exactly what Pattern Man wants us to notice. Perhaps asking us which has the most realistic hues and subtle colour shading.

Real сolor resolution of all Foveon cameras is low in cause of huge noise and agressive denoise. Colors are poor and blured. Color is average of micro object colors and noise.

Hogwash. None of my images look like that. Tell me exactly what is wrong with these colors:

Feel free to use real technical terms instead of your vague demeaning rubbish.


Do you see color on micro objects of the left photo? And on right? How many and what colors do you see on the left and right?

It's reality, You can do nothing with this problem using Foveon sensors.

We thank you for your valued opinions on Foveon sensors which completely ignore the following:


By the way, there is no such thing as a "SDHQ" so the link you gave us is questionable at best. That is to say, if some dude can't even get the name of a camera right, why should we place any credence on their posts?

SDHQ . . . (puke emoticon).

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