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SushiEater wrote:

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SushiEater wrote:

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SushiEater wrote:

Have you tried Safe mode? No drivers loaded so it doesn't affect anything.

I can get the pc into safe mode.

However, either in safe mode wiithout a network connection, or with a network connection, the Windows update fails to work - it just hangs.

When I run the built in update troubleshooter, or one I downloaded from MS, the troubleshooter fails with an "unexpected error" (0x803C0103).

I may now try a direct download from MS update catalog. I don't anticipate much.

BTW, the system shuts down completely from Safe Mode.

Let's do one thing at the time.

I did not mean you to try anything like updater in safe mode.

I just wanted to know if computer boots up fast now.

No it doesn't.

If it does then it is one of the device drivers that causes slow boot.

In full mode by any chance did you look in Device Manager to see if there are any exclamation sign or question marks next to devices?

I have, and there are no issues.

So, let me repeat the question. In the Safe Mode your Windows does not boot fast?

How did you boot in to Save Mode?

As I couldn't get it to go from a cold start, I used https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12376/windows-10-start-your-pc-in-safe-mode

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