Manual focus tele lens techniques with m4/3 for birds and BIF's

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Re: Not as easy as Danny makes it look!

Life recorder wrote:

This is one of the best threads I've seen in a while.

Extremely helpful.

Danny makes it look easy, but as he will tell us, it is not. Though he does make it "easier".

The one tip I have is, I found with the 5 axis IBIS if the focal length is not setup just right, it will fight with your aim. You point at the target with your 300+mm lens, and it shifts the aim to side just a bit. It will drive you crazy. I see Danny turns it off and uses a tripod. That makes sense, but it want to try handheld, fiddle with the manually entered focal length for IBIS.

I want to thank Danny for all the help and the great examples.

It gets easier with time and you must be patient with MF. If it's all you've ever done, it's a lot easier. Only the 800mm goes on the tripod, the 300 and 500mm are generally hand held. Having said that, as I get older the monopod is becoming more used Age thing for sure

IBIS is a love hate affair. It's great to get a BIF in the frame, but it can take too long to settle down. So a double edged sword. Most of the time for a BIF, it's turned off, but is handy for slower speeds and lower ISO on a static bird on the ground or water.

All the best and thanks.


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