Vivitar or Watson charger for EN-EL15? (replacement for the MH-25)

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Vivitar or Watson charger for EN-EL15? (replacement for the MH-25)

Hello friends,

About 15 days ago I let my original MH-25 drop (a small drop) and it stopped working instantly.

I've seen the posts and videos of people fixing it (apparently it's pretty common for the FET to come loose) and since it was already broken and I'm OK at soldering, I decided to try it myself.

Long story short, removing the back is a pain, I ended up breaking the PCB.

So now I need a new charger, but what Nikon charger for an OEM is outrageous and, to make matters worse, I live in Brazil and can't really be sure I'm getting the original charger instead of a counterfeit, even paying the full price for it (around US$ 120 here).

Amazon has good deals on two different chargers. The first one is the Vivitar 1 Hour Rapid Charger for Nikon EN-EL15 Battery ($7.42 + $23.08 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Brazil) and the Watson Compact AC/DC Charger for EN-EL15 Battery ($19.95 + $35.62 Shipping & Import Fees).

What I like about Amazon is that both will be sent by courier, reach me in under a week and have all customs fees taken care of.

The Vivitar, besides being cheaper, is sold and shipped by Amazon, while the Watson is sold by iStockOnline and fulfilled by Amazon, which is a plus to the Vivitar, since if I have any problem it will be hassle free to solve for sure.

Problem is, I just can't choose between them. Both have very good and very bad reviews. While the price may not seem much, it is not negligible when converting it to Brazilian Real, so I'd rather have a hit on my first try

Oh, and my camera came with a Watson additional battery, which is the one I use exclusively. Figure it might die sooner than the OEM, so I saved the original for when the Watson started misbehaving, which never happened really. It works fine 4 years down the road.

I've also seem a few other options (Trev and other unknown to me brands).

Could you please help me choose?

Thanks y'all!

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