*sigh* another newbie asking "which lens" (Babies and Petra!)

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*sigh* another newbie asking "which lens" (Babies and Petra!)

Sorry everyone.

I'm sure 99% of new members' first posts are asking the same questions.

I recently upgraded my NEX-3N to the a6000. I've got the two kit lenses (16-50 and 55-210).

I upgraded mainly as the wife and I are trying for our first kid and I wanted something a bit more serious (and low light capable) to get those baby shots once mini-me eventually comes along.

My plan all along had been to keep using the kit lens and get to grips with the camera over this year and generally take lots of photos to really get the hang of it all.

I'm 99% certain that future plans will involve either the Sony 35/1.8 or the Sigma 30/1.4 for low light baby shots, with possibly the 50mm to follow.

All was fine and I wasn't spending any money.


We've just booked a week in Israel and Jordon though, including a trip to Petra and Wadi Rum

This seems like the sort of trip I want to make the most of so am considering a lens purchase for it.

I can't go splurging loads of cash though so it's likely going to have to be a single lens so I really want to make sure I make the right choice.

I'm looking at:

Rokinon 12mm - It feels like the kind of place that a wide angle would be really useful

Sony 10-18 - quite pricey and not particularly fast, but speed might not be an issue if I take a tripod

Sigma 16mm 1.4 - By far the most used focal length on my kit lens is 16mm... And I figure Petra might be a bit gloomy in places (and want to do Petra by night) so the speed would be useful? Not sure how useful the lens would be after (and not cheap at the moment!)

Sony 35 / Sigma 30 - Not sure if these would be a bit "meh" focal length for this kind of trip.

Sony 18-105 - General purpose "do everything the kit lens does but better" lens (hopefully) but I'd be worried it just wasn't fast enough if I needed it to be.

Sigma 18-35 1.8 + MC-11 - The budget buster. And the back buster as apparently it's quite heavy. Nice and fast and covers 99% of my most used focal ranges. However not sure how practical the lens would be once back in the UK or how much use it would get...

I've watched SO many you tube videos and read SO many reviews I'm just very confused now.

Any thoughts very much welcome.


Got an a6000 with both kit lenses

Want new lense(s)

Going to Petra in March so want to make the most of that

Trying for a baby so will want to be taking baby shots eventually as well.

Sony a6000 Sony Alpha NEX-3N
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