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I’ve recently picked up an X-T20, my first Fuji. I’ve edited Nikon NEFs without issue but it looks like iOS and even MacOS can’t natively handle lossless RAF files. I’m able to add the files to the Photos app but no thumbnail preview with makes it hard to choose files to add to the Lightroom Mobile app. Affinity Photo can’t open lossless either. Uncompressed files work just fine but are roughly double in size which is less than ideal. Those of you that edit with in iPad, what methods do you use? Are we really stuck switching to large uncompressed files to edit?

Here is a list of the supported Raw files in iOS 11,


Apple iOS 11.xx.xx does support the X-T20, my wife uses one. But it does only support the uncompressed RAF format. Are you using a compressed file or haven’t upgrade your iOS version?

The original post includes "lossless" which suggests to me lossless compressed so I suspect that's what the problem is...

yes- I'm wondering what options there are, if any, for editing lossless RAF on an iPad.

You can try the free trial of Affinity Photo. It may have its own raw engine and not rely on iOS. Most editing programs will rely on Apple Raw to decode the files.

Affinity don't use their own raw engine on iOS but the Apple one. So no viewing/editing of Fuji lossless raw. LR CC Mobile is the only product I know of that can view those files.

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