Best HSS of Camera flash for A7RIII?

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Re: Best HSS of Camera flash for A7RIII?

Dragon Fighter wrote:

I’m switching from Lumix GH5 and I’d bought a Nissin system (2 a60i + air commander) and I love it.

Now I’m on Sony boat I’d love to make same thing.

The Godox system is the bee's knees, but if you already have a sizable investment in Nissin's Air system, why not just get a Nissin Air commander for Sony, and use your MFT i60As as your off-camera flashes? The system is cross-brand compatible, the way Godox is. All you'd need to get is the Sony Air 1/Air 10s (if it ever comes out: B&H is saying Feb 21), unless you need an on-camera i60A as well.

Godox X (2.4GHz), Nissin Air, Cactus V6II, and Jinbei/Orlit TR-Q6 all allow for HSS/TTL and sharing off-camera lights between mirrorless systems cross-camera-brand.

Godox is best if you want to use an AD200 or AD360II bare bulb flash as well as bigger strobes. Nissin is probably best on UI/UX. And Cactus is definitely the best if a) you shoot Pentax, or b) you have a lot of legacy TTL speedlights in different systems. The Jinbei system isn't fully out yet, but probably works best if you want to use the Jinbei/Orlit RT strobes (which are compatible with Canon -RT radio triggering).

You could also use Profoto Air, but that would probably require winning the lottery or selling a kidney, since the only speedlight in the system, the A1, costs $1000. But, obviously, if you already have a bunch of Profoto B1 and B2 lights, that would be the way to go.

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