A7r3 pixel shift compared to sdQuattro.

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Maybe I'll do an equivalent image full size test one against the other.  That will require a lot more work though than the simple walk to my deck railing these tests require and preferably a day without rain.  In the immortal (at least up to now) words of the terminator:  "I'll be back."


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Graham Gibson wrote:

Why not compare equivalent focal lengths? It seems odd to me to use the same physical focal length (35mm) and then crop the A7rIII result.

I shot the sony in aps-c. No cropping done.

Shooting a full-frame camera in APS-C 'image size' is cropping. Sometimes it gets called 'crop mode' or 'crop sensor mode'. It is exactly the same, in terms of image quality, as if you shot full frame then cropped out 55% of the area. Effectively crippling one camera in the comparison. Simply not fair.

A similar mistake would be to shoot an sdQH in APS-C mode, comparing with an sdQ, and declaring the sdQH to be a waste of money.

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