A7r3 pixel shift compared to sdQuattro.

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Re: Detail, sdQH vs non-pixel-shift A7RIII

Pattern Man wrote:

TN Args wrote:

docmaas wrote:

IQ wise I'll still take Sigma. 42mpix is still not enough to match Quattro detail.

Some evidence points the other way. Non-pixel-shift Sony, all images minimal allowed sharpening and NR:

The way the A7RIII colour artefacts are distributed, I wonder if lens CA is playing a part and not all aliasing. In any case colour aliasing is an expected win for the Quattro. The question of detail, though, I think falls to the Sony. Without pixel shift.


RT has enought tool against color aliasing and great detail. If you want, of cause.

Could you compare detail from Quatro with this 7RM3 from RT?


I think we will not see a lot of colors, color details and details.

SDQH on the left

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