24-70 f/4 vs 24-70 f/2.8 II

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Re: 24-70 f/4 vs 24-70 f/2.8 II

1Dx4me wrote:

dave_bass5 wrote:

Maverick07 wrote:

Having used both the 24-70mm 2.8 and /4 on the 7d and 5d there is no comparison. The sharpness and IQ of the 2.8 is far superior. I thought it was maybe a biased opinion until I had my wife easily id based in a blind test.

You must have a faulty f/4 then. I have both lenses and i would never describe the f/2.8 as being FAR superior in IQ, and especially not to the point where anyone can see this without pixel peeping to a point where it only matters to that person. To say there is no comparison is a bit surprising, and not a view bourne out by the many testing websites and users on the internet.

Yes, the f/2.8 is a superior lens optically, but the f/4 is no slouch.

i agree with Maverick07 7, as well! my experience with using f2.8II has been extraordinary, this lens easily supplanted my good canon primes in that range!!! although i haven't used the f4.0 version, but the owners of the 2 versions, sure rave about the f2.8 II's IQ in general throughout the range of the lens. let me put it this way, i have not heard or read a single negative comment about f2.8 II, it is a resounding unanimous, but i have read a few negatives about f4.0, not many though

Wait, you agree with someone without having side by side experience?

I never said the f/2.8 wasnt any good, in fact im not questioning the f/2.8's capability at all, its all but perfect, but as i own both (and use the f/4 way more than the f/2.8) i strongly disagree that the f/2.8 is FAR superior, and that there is no comparison. You only need to look at the scores in various tests to show they are close (with the f/4 behind of course). Id like to see a test that shows them miles apart under normal shooting.

Yes, the f/4 does have flaws, and maybe more bad copies than the f/2.8, but i also see a lot of people like myself praising it. Maybe we are all wrong

I only use a 5D4 and 80D so maybe im not the best qualified person to state what my eyes tell me.

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