Sandbagging 101; Second Semester.

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Re: Sandbagging 101; Second Semester.

Bill Thoo wrote:

I think I know where you are coming from, but I don't think hosts entering other hosts challenges are given any unfair advantage (see my results...! and I have been appropriately disqualified for not reading the rules properly any number of times in the past). As far as I know there is no "hosts club" with a secret hand shake.

I personally have not found a way to identify the sandbaggers - the voters are de-indentified. Best way to over come it is for members to vote as much and as fairly as possible.

Good Morning;

There is an eagle upriver waiting for his portrait (literally, well, I first have to stalk him) and my gear has a foot out the door as I find your post.

I do not mean to impugn the dignity of your office.  Volunteering for it, is the most honorable thing to do.  You advised once to chill.  I have chilled, much.  In that time, I've seen some approach bravely.  I've read them discussing how to attract new members, and get them to the challenges.  It is very heartening.

I've also seen a few hosts come very close to identifying targets.  It is commendable that those challengers who impugned their own dignity, have received recommendation.  You folks know how to use your tools.

The hosts are the bedrock of this community.

Please, keep this going.


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