Looking for a fast "normal" prime lens for Canon APS-C

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Re: Looking for a fast "normal" prime lens for Canon APS-C

mtt1 wrote:

dave_bass5 wrote:

I have, and love the 50mm stm, but i much prefer the 35mm f/2 IS. To me this is the perfect prime for what i need. The 50mm is good but i find it works better (for me) on my 5D4. On my 80D the 35mm gives around the same look as the 50mm does on FF.

Having IS means i can shoot right down to about 1/5, which is much slower than i can with my old 35 f/1.4. This allows me to keep the ISO as low as possible (always a good thing IMO).

I guess it depends on what you want to shoot with it. No doubt the 35 f1/.4 lenses will give a shallower DOF, and the Sigma has really nice IQ, but i prefer the Canon as an all rounder.

Thanks, Dave. Actually I'm not so much after the shallow DOF but after the higher shutter speed and lower ISO that comes with the wider aperture, with IS not helping with moving subjects.

That’s why the 35 f/2 IS is the best of both worlds. There will definitely be times where you will shoot non moving scenes and not want a shallow DOF, and having the ability to hand hold at very slow speeds will give you a much cleaner shot. When you do need the shutter speed then f/2 is going to give you only one stop less than the top end primes. Also for hand held videos it trumps most other primes in the top end price bracket.

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