How to operate a slave flash with Vlux114

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Re: How to operate a slave flash with Vlux114

Rodrigue Zahr wrote:

bozzers wrote:

Thank you for the response. However, I think I've tried just that and no luck. Have you actually done this and/or what might I be doing wrong?

I’ve done this using the XVario and other cameras with built in flash to trigger profoto and Hansel strobes. The thing is that this technique is so simple and it has nothing to do with the camera but rather with the external flash or strobe being used as slave. It should fire when it detects the flashlight generated by the flash on the camera. If this is not working with you then it must be a flash issue “your Metz” or that the distance or angle between your camera flash and Metz is not appropriate!

Thank you.  That's what I think.  I've been talking to them via email, and they are pointing out that this camera doesn't have a "wireless" flash mode...which the Panasonic version does.  However, I think that would mean Infrared or RF and not being triggered by the built in flash of the camera.  Odd, how they lumped everything into wireless.  I'm not though talking with maybe can figure it out.  It may be that this flash ONLY responds to RF or Infrared.  It's not clear to me yet.

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