40mm for 5DMIII and 24mm for 60D?

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Re: 40mm for 5DMIII and 24mm for 60D?

Tim Reidy Productions wrote:

since you already have a 50mm, you are best with the 24mm first and the 40 second. the 40 is not much different than the 50. in terms of focal lengths.

On your 50mm that you own:

Do You like it? does is render and perform to your specs?

if so you, don't need to replace it until you get a bigger budget.

Thanks - actually pretty much the conclusion I came to.

Since I have not been shoot much when I do I havent been changing lenses, the 50 has been on my 60D (always felt it was not wide enough for my shooting) and the 24-70 has been on my 5DMIII

I decided to just get a 24 EFS for now and put on the 60D, and put my 50mm on my 5D3 to starting shooting with for a while and see how it feels and looks. --
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