3D Pop Lenses - Are Older Better?

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Re: 3D Pop Lenses - Are Older Better?

lilBuddha wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

lilBuddha wrote:

You do not get to tell a master musician what he can or can't hear or even express an opinion without wading in way over your head.

You are employing the logical fallacy of Appeal to Authority as well as missing my point. Beyond your argument not being solid, it is refuted in that professional players of equal skill believing and disbelieving the premise.

You're just making stuff up at this point.

Which never stopped anyone in this forum..

Am I holding the mirror at a proper angle for you to see your reflection?

We can all freely acknowledge the fact that you are unable to discern rendition of depth from one lens to another.  Fortunately for the more critical among us the manufacturers have invested the time and resources to produce lenses of superior contrast, sharpness and lack of veiling flare.  All wasted effort to some, but a rather large savings in time and money.  A cell phone is all you'll need.

The lens is part of that equation. Some have higher contrast than others, end of.

Light has far more to do with contrast than a lenses optics. But, go ahead, show me the paper which demonstrates old lenses inherently show contrast better than newer designs.

Unlike you and the rest of the everything's the same brigade, which has found a natural home here in this forum, I rely on my own eyes and a very good monitor to determine if a lens has the characteristics I desire.  I don't need any study or review to tell me what I can or can't see, still less a would-be guru with not a single picture to his name in any gallery or website.

BTW, Leonardo da Vinci Was a master artist and a genius. He still screwed up The Last Supper for poor material choice. Talent is a given field does not convey all knowledge related to that field.

Maybe if he had had you around he would have done better.

Be as sarcastic as you want. It does nothing to demonstrate your point and nothing to counter my mine.

Thanks for your permission.

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