Review of the Canon TS-E 50mm f/2.8L Macro

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Re: Review of the Canon TS-E 50mm f/2.8L Macro

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I’m seriously considering the 135 and weighting the option on this 50, instead. My focus is replacing my 100mm 2.8L for product photography of reptiles as focus stacking isn’t practical and even on a 5DM4 at f/22 the image is too soft for my liking and still not enough DOF which requires taking a farther away shot and cropping which results in lower MP. Being able to shoot f/8 at 100 200 shutter might allow use of continuous lighting which would considerably improve my workflow. From looking at some MTF data both lenses may perform well enough for my application at f/4 which would be gravy.

Only you can decide. Both lenses are apparently stellar performers ( apparently because I only own 50mm, so I only read about the 135mm ). I would say hire both for a day or so and then you will know which one suit better your workflow.

Yes, renting makes sense but my main concern is product photography. I'm going to take a few shots with my 50D 16-35 f/4 at 35 FL which should provide close to 50mm perspective and can focus close enough to get me the life size comparison and compression I'd get from the 50mm TS-E versus my 100mm. That's my main concern. All my shots for this type of task have either been on the 50D 60mm Macro or 5DM4 and 100 Macro. If I'm happy than the 50 makes the most practical use since I don't need 1:1 macros but mostly seeking the least amount of post work with the highest quality using the least amount of light so I can get away from flash. I'm a better photographer with continuous than flash. I try to work within my limitations.

The other realm for the 50mm would be interior shots for Real Estate. Thinking of shooting portrait and utilizing the lateral shift to get the illusion of a wide shot at f/8 then stitch 3 images. No experience doing this and a new venture but perhaps HDR and stitching might simplify and provide more than adequate results. Obviously, the existing 24mm TS-E II would be better but if I can make it work with one lens that would be easier on my pockets. If not then 24 and 135 probably the best option. I'm ignoring the 90 as it doesn't appear to have gotten better image enhancements than the existing lens it replaces and just the ergonomic improvements. As I understand it.

First of all the 50mm even when stitching 3 shots as you described is not going to work for interior photos. 50mm is simply not wide enough. You can safely leave this part out of the equation. For real estate you can work with your 16-35 and fix perspective in post or ideally you should get the 17tse and 24tse if serious about architectural work RE work is not going to probably pay for such lenses... As for product shots, again it depends how small or large the products are. I personally think that the 50mm is more universal and easier to work with than 135. The old 90 suffers from terrible CA when tilted, otherwise it is very sharp lens even wide open.

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