3D Pop Lenses - Are Older Better?

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fPrime wrote:

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fPrime wrote:

tko wrote:

You have a log with strong texture in direct sunlight and a colored subject with a monochromatic background. Basic photographic techniques, any lense would show pop here, even a cell phone

No question some scenes have pop, but show us a direct a/b comparision with another lens that doesn't create this same po.

I give criticism on 3D Pop so I'm happy to take some as well. Seem you think the log photo was all down to composition. Maybe I should take this as a compliment, haha. I'd argue that it actually has more to do with the high microcontrast of the front of the log, the progressive OOF transition along the length of the log, and the naturally OOF background behind it. These are all lens-driven depth cues from the sublime 35L.

But if you think it was just difference in textures between foreground and background then what explains the 3D Pop here where both foreground and background have equal balance in texture and lighting?

Or this one where there's the subject is the entire scene?

I can explain the different 3D Pop depth cues operating in all of these photos in addition to the photo of the log. Some are scene dependent, some are lens-driven.


If you see 3D pop in either of these two images, you do not even belong in this conversation.

Thanks, Mackiesback. You always have a kind word to add, don’t you? Happy new year to you as well.


Well, last time I said something nice about one of your photos, you listed me as one of your "followers". It kind of freaked me out. I was dreading a 3D pop Jim Jones moment.

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