Dreaming of a voice command camera

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Barry Stewart
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Dreaming of a voice command camera

This morning, I woke up from a dream of a camera with voice commands. Now I see I wasn't the first: https://www.dpreview.com/news/3177158272/garmin-virb-ultra-30-4k-action-cam-unveiled-with-3-axis-stabilization-slow-mo-recording

We've seen the rise of Google Assistant and Amazon's Echo and Alexa… but could we add voice commands that would actually assist the camera in getting what the photographer has in mind?

We've got these computerized devices in our hands — getting more complex and more capable with each iteration — but we are always challenged to get what we want out of the tool. If we spoke the same language, wouldn't it be more productive?

I'll call my camera Felix.

I think my favourite commands would be in the focus tracking department: "Felix, track #16 in the red jersey." Or, "Track the ball" or, "Felix, track the black dog."
Currently, AF tracking is an inaccurate science, as the "dumb" camera is trying to do its best to follow what it thinks we want. If language were involved, it could/SHOULD be clearer.

Custom settings could be far easier: "Felix, save these settings for starry nights." Then… "Felix, bring me my starry night settings."

"Felix, group photo, 5 sequential shots when we jump. Confirm."
Felix, "Yes, your eminent worthiness. Would you like 7.5 fps?"

Or, when you're about to leap off a cliff into water, (with Felix staying behind on a tripod): "Felix, start 10 seconds of movie recording in 3,2,1 __."

I know there will be people saying, "Just give me something like my old Spotmatic, but with AF and a good sensor." I'd say that ship has sailed.

Others will say (as they did about the addition of video), "I never use it. I don't want to pay extra for that." I suspect the extra brain power required  for voice activations (other than very basic ones) would require extra space, so it could be sold in an add-on battery pack.

I've been talking to my Olympus cameras since 2002, when I got my E100rs, which allowed me to make verbal notes to go with my photo. Oly has continued offering that function to this day. Voice activations would be a huge next step.

It may be a few generations away before becoming a reality — but I look forward to it.


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