3D Pop Lenses - Are Older Better?

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Re: Some older lenses are better, for sure

tbcass wrote:

tbcass wrote:

That's because sound staging, just like 3D rendering, is not a real thing.

So a home theater in a box has exactly the same soundstage as Martin Logan.

I didn't say that. I am a former audiophile BTW but other priorities, I got married, caused me to give up the expensive and room filling hobby. I guess it depends on what you mean by sound staging. If you mean the ability of speakers to project sound across a broad area in a way that recreates the horizontal positioning of the instruments then it is a real thing and the design parameters needed to produce it are well known. I took you mean to somehow project the depth of the instruments which is impossible to reproduce in a stereo system because it requires the use of multiple speakers.

Got it. Thanks for saving us all a ton of money!

Even if 3D sound stage isn't real there are many other reasons to invest in high quality stereo equipment.

In photography, 3D rendering is as real as it gets. If you can't see the difference between one lens and another that is fortunate for you, you'll be fine with a superzoom, no need for all that fancy gear on your list. Starting to see a pattern here. All wine tastes the same too, I'd imagine.

I disagree and think your ability to somehow to see some imaginary 3D depth with certain lenses to be purely psychosomatic.

Answer this question with a yes or a no, please.  Can one lens have higher contrast than another?

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