Morning light on the Lofoten Islands

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Re: Morning light on the Lofoten Islands

Paul Donaldson wrote:

Hi Hans

I really like your photo, I have been to Lofoten Islands and love the place, it is just such a beutifull landscape.

I like both these images for diferent reasons. I understand the time and effort you went to in setting it up with your composition, Please don't mistake Davids input as trying to take over your post, he is just making a sugestion, and I know he means well, I always welcome his input as he is very good with his PP.

You know how it felt when you took the shot, and thats whats important, suggestions are just that, no harm done or ment.

Thank you for reminding me about Lofoten, Now I want to go back again



Thanks very much 😊 However I didn't like what he suggested and I hope this is ok as I have edited my photo to how I wanted to present the scene. Somebody else have a different taste and that is perfectly ok, of course. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to really appreciate a comment you disagree with.

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