Fuji Film Sim Profiles for RawTherapee etc

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Re: Fuji Film Sim Profiles for RawTherapee etc

arangast wrote:

belka wrote:

Hi, XTransIII-Velvia-q17.3dl is working, perfect, I like colors, but XTransIII-Velvia-q32.3dl doesn't. What if this issue related to my hardware? I'm testing on my old PC (but with Windows 10) 1920x1080 screen. Old video card?

Thank you.

Thanks for testing them out. I don't think it's your hardware as other people have had the problem too. I suspect either Affinity is doing something non-standard with the export or Luminar doesn't support the different quality settings.

I've updated the main page with working 3DLs of all simulations, you can download direct here. I haven't tested extensively but I can't see any difference in quality between these and the others. Let me know if they work for you!

I also tested the new 3dls in luminar lut module and they also work very well.

thumbs up from me.

Some excellent options now for fuji users

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