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Re: Scientific test?

OpticsEngineer wrote:

"That isn't really a scientific test. It's too subjective."

Subjective items can be scientifically studied and quantified. That is how Kodak came up with SQF, subjective quality factor.

Or, not.

Don't let the name fool you. SQF is a physical test, based on estimated perceptual capabilities at different distances. They used the term "subjective" because the goal was to try and estimate the perceptual experience of sharpness. It can be objectively measured by tools like Imatest. It's basically the same thing as acutance, though the equations used for acutance and SQF are slightly different.


I.e. they did not ask a bunch of random people "do you think this image is sharp?" which is what rurikw suggests. That's a poll, not an objective measurement, and the results will be as vague as the poll authors want it to be.

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