The golden tree in the mountains

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Re: The golden tree in the mountains

Fishchris wrote:

Skyseeker, do you have a gallery or website somewhere I can see your work ?

I do, but if your being as critical of this shot as you are, you won't like my stuff anyway ☺ lol

Thanks for your comment. When someone makes a comment like what skyseeker did I will normally check if the poster has a gallery so I better understand what his style is and therefore what the background for the comment or critique might be. Often there is nothing, no signature, no gallery, no name, just an anonymous username on the forum. In those cases I usually find it worthless to discuss. On forums we know very well how such a discussion could easily go 😊 and with no value. Some people on forums seem to be actively provoking "discussions" with no real purpose and I would not know if skyseeker have multiple profiles that could be used in such a discussion.

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