Question: DSLR or Canon SX 40 HS. Your opinion?

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Re: Question: DSLR or Canon SX 40 HS. Your opinion?

Welcome to the forum TLJ.

TomLoughlinJr wrote:

I bought my SX 40 HS for $80 NEW at a walmart clearance.

That's quite a bargain.

I am a good photogapher in my specialty of shooting meetings, conventions , sports events, drag racing. and outdoors.

Sounds like you're getting your money's worth!

While the file sizes of Sx 40 are small, on line presentations dont need big files.

Right.  The level of image quality you need is entirely dependent on your output requirements.

the lens is FINE

It has a really nice range too.

and shutter lag can be accounted for by a skilled and thoughtful shooter.

Indeed.  Part of the art of photography!

The Sx 40 is just fine.

Agree.  I bought an SX50 for my (aspiring photographer) niece.  I got to shoot with it when we were out on nature hikes.

I have a 220 EX and 380 ex shoe mount flash and that makes a huge diff for me.

Esp useful indoors for events (such as parties, reunions, wedding receptions, etc).  So much of the time those venues are so poorly lit!

Here is a bunch of SX 40 photos from a local music club concert.

You're right.  You do very well with that camera.

I would just mention that the white balance needs to be adjusted (esp for consistency).  And it would help if you used a color-balancing gel on the flash (to help balance the color temperature of the different light sources).

.....what do YOU think of the capabilities of the SX 40 HS in competent hands ?

I must congratulate you on doing a fine job.  The goal with any camera is to shoot to its strengths, and it appears you are doing just that.  And as long as you don't need any increased capabilities (or improved IQ), then just keep doing what you're doing.  If you're happy (and your clientele is happy), that's all that matters!

However if you ever do find yourself in need of increased capabilities (as the OP was in this thread those many years ago  ), then there are many many options for you to consider.  Holler back if/when that ever happens.  The folks here are wonderful.

Happy shooting!


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