Best two lens setup for landscapes

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Re: Best two lens setup for landscapes

Craig NC wrote:

You seem relatively cavalier about all the "critical" resolution you would lose by cropping 35mm to get 50mm while at the same time are so concerned that the 16-35 is so "weak" at 35mm you would choose different lens instead.

You are right.

While I am sure the Loxia 21 is spectacular, I would feel rather certain that 35mm on the 16-35 would come out ahead of the Loxia 21 cropped to match the 35mm fov.

Haven't tried this, but you are probably right again.

All I can say is that I am very happy with the L21, much more so than with the 16-35/4 I had before. All my lenses are primes and I tend to not miss the "inbetween" focal length possibilities a zoom would give. I work and compose with what I have.

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