Best two lens setup for landscapes

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Re: Best two lens setup for landscapes

BBQue wrote:

azhenley wrote:

The 85mm is to just give a bit more reach. 35mm is too close to 50mm for me.

I agree with that, I have both 35 and 50 mm lenses, but they are rarely in my camera bag at the same time. It is easy enough to crop from 35mm to get 50mm perspective.

On the other hand, the 16-35/4 is really at it's weakest at 35mm, for critical landscapes it is probably limited to about 25mm or thereabouts.

While the 16-35 is slightly weaker on the long end, it is still excellent stopped down at these settings.  I got rid of my Zony 35mm 2.8 when I tested my 16-35 against it.  At f8 I could really see no difference.  Admittedly the the 2.8 is not the sharpest  prime out there....   On Photozone the MTF edge performance 16-35 is actually better than the 35 f2.8 at F11 and essentially tied at f8.    I don't hesitate to use my 16-35 over the whole range.

You seem relatively cavalier about all the "critical" resolution you would lose by cropping 35mm to get 50mm while at the same time are so concerned that the 16-35 is so "weak" at 35mm you would choose different lens instead.

While I am sure the Loxia 21 is spectacular, I would feel rather certain that 35mm on the 16-35 would come out ahead of the Loxia 21 cropped to match the 35mm fov.

The 55mm would make a great single-lens-walk around solution though, for the times where you want to leave the big zoom behind, the 55mm is far more useful than an 85mm lens.

Please also consider the Loxia 21. This is the landscape star in my opinion. I sold my 16-35 for that Loxia and was one of the best decisions I ever made. If I need wider than 21mm (and I rarely need), I take multiple images and stitch them together. The small size and weight of a Loxia21 / FE55 combo is very hard to beat. Image quality second to none.

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