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Yes! Still here. Thanks everyone for the comments super helpful. Apologies for not responding to everyone I'm more of a lurker, and just enjoy reading people's opinions. However I've spent these last days beneficially, I've been to a couple of camera shops trying out what form factor I like the most, definitely passed on the X-A lineup, it's hard for me not to automatically look for the viewfinder when taking a photo.

Think I'm going to go with a X-T10 the body feels the most comfortable in the hand and obviously reminds me alot like my A7S still waying my options on which glass to get. But will keep updating as a I figure it out. I'm really excited to

I know it's a hair above budget. but if possible go for the X-T20 instead. (with the 16-50mm just to keep it close to budget.) 899 on Amazon is just over

Not just because of the 24mp which in my experience alongside an X-E2 does produce sharper results. But it doesn't have noticeably more dynamic range nor significantly better noise performance.

The real reasons are speed 14 fps electronic 8-9 mechanical and MUCH better buffer. Like 25-28 Raw shots instead of 8-9 with my X-E2. Which means a 3 second burst vs 1 second. Very big difference.

Autofocus is leaps beyond X-Trans 2. Much more AF points much better spread and presets that help make capturing sports a breeze. Once you get the hang of it.

Then as a bonus it actually shoots video (4k too) that you can watch without making your eyes bleed. Really the video out of a X-E2 is so terrible i just pretend it doesn't do it.

Last but not least the latest hardware means latest film simulations like Across. And being Fuji likely more firmware upgrades in the future. The X-T10 and X-E2 platforms are end of life. They won't get further support apart from compatibility updates and bug fixes. Most of them having to do with newly released lenses.

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