Best two lens setup for landscapes

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Please also consider the Loxia 21. This is the landscape star in my opinion. I sold my 16-35 for that Loxia and was one of the best decisions I ever made. If I need wider than 21mm (and I rarely need), I take multiple images and stitch them together. The small size and weight of a Loxia21 / FE55 combo is very hard to beat. Image quality second to none.

For me that's not wide enough. Yes, sometimes it's feasible to stitch multiple images, but I do not want to do it all the time (I use 16 mm a lot) and when you want to do long exposures or have moving objects... things get very difficult.

In that case the 12-24 might be the best choice. It goes only to 24mm, but the 16-35/4 deteriorates beyond 25mm, so you are not losing much. The 16-35/4 can also have pretty ugly circular reflections from the sun under some conditions. But it is still a good lens and I got many great photos with it. Just like the 21mm better for my style.

Good luck.

The 12-24 also has some problems with direct sun light, no? That's what I read. And the 35 mm of the 16-35 isn't that bad imo. 35 mm is a bit soft, but 32 mm is already pretty sharp (at least with my copy).

I meant the large circular flare like this:

Would be very disappointed if the new 12-24 has this also. It is a problem only when shooting directly against the sun, but because of the size of the flare it is almost impossible to remove in post.

Nevertheless, with some care this lens is very much capable to capture beautiful landscapes. Here is a discussion on Fred Miranda:

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