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Re: Why just 2 for landscapes?

Verland wrote:

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Verland wrote:

I will probably go for a mixed bag, but still only two lenses.

Keep my 16-35 and add the 55 F1.8. The 65 mm F2 is too heavy for me. I don't think I would use the 85 often, although it looks like a very nice lens. So I rather save the weight and enjoy the hike more.

That is an excellent combo.

Just one thing: if you are interested in landscapes mainly, the cheap and light Sony 50mm f/1.8 is actually sharper than Zeiss 55m f/1.8, from f/5.6 to f/22. I have both, and prefer the 55mm for portraits (less CA, sharper wide open, faster and quieter AF), and 50mm for landscapes (sharper closed down).

Looking at the comparison on dxomark, it appears the 55 beats the 50 at every aperture in terms of sharpness.

I just read a comparison which tells the same story:

My opinion is based on my two lenses. My 55mm is excellent in the center at all apertures except f/1.8. Corners, while very good, never reach that same level of sharpness, which is fine for portraits. The 50mm is not that sharp wide open. It really needs to be stopped to f/5.6 or more. But once stopped, it is razor-sharp across the frame, even in the corners.

Both lenses are so good for landscapes that sample variation may play a role. Anyway, you really need to pixel-peep to see any difference, the choice is more of a habit to me.

If you don't have any 50-55mm lens, and landscape is your primary interest, the 50mm is, if not better, a more economical choice.

Compare sharpness at the following reviews:




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