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Re: Why just 2 for landscapes?

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

Verland wrote:

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

If you prefer to minimize the weight you carry, keep reading. Usually you have time to swap lenses when doing landscapes, anyway.

The 2 lenses above weight 565g + 663g = 1,228g.

A combination of Batis 18mm f/2.8, Sony 28mm f/2, Sony 50mm f/2.8 Macro, and 85mm f/1.8 weights: 330+200+236+371=1,137g.

When closed to f/5.6 or smaller for landscapes, their image quality will be the same or better than the zooms. At the same time, you have a perfect Low Light, Macro, and Portrait combo - something you won't get from the zooms.

Yes, not bad. I understand the benefits of primes. Maybe I should reconsider my focus on zooms. Maybe I can get used to changing lenses often. But 18 mm is not wide enough for me.

How about a "mixed bag" of lenses? for practically the same weight, 12-24 f/4, 50mm Macro, and 85mm f/1.8? Or, if you are not interested in Macro capability, you can save some cash and grams with 50mm f/1.8. When closed to f/5.6 or smaller, it is an extremely sharp lens.

Or, if you are not afraid of MF lenses (and MF should not be a problem for landscapes), I would replace both 50mm and 85mm with Volightlander 65mm f/2 Macro APO Lanthar. Unlike the Sony 50-55mm and 85mm f/1.8 lenses, it does not suffer from "bokeh fringing" (longitudinal CA), which can be visible when photographing moving water, etc.

I will probably go for a mixed bag, but still only two lenses.

Keep my 16-35 and add the 55 F1.8. The 65 mm F2 is too heavy for me. I don't think I would use the 85 often, although it looks like a very nice lens. So I rather save the weight and enjoy the hike more.

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