Best two lens setup for landscapes

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Re: Best two lens setup for landscapes

azhenley wrote:

Verland wrote:

  • FE 16-35mm F4 + FE 85mm F1.8

Why the 85 mm over a 50 mm, though?

50 mm seems more useful to me.

  • Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 (or some other ultrawide prime) + FE 24-105mm F4

It is quite the dilemma!

Very nice setup that I overlooked somehow.

I really like to have a wide angle zoom, though. And if going for an ultrawide prime, I would rather pick something with F2.8 or brighter. Otherwise the advantage would be just weight and not much else. Also the 12 mm Voigtlander that I had for some time didn't offer the best image quality. Now, if there was a Sony or Zeiss prime with 15 mm or wider... that would be a different story.

The 85mm is to just give a bit more reach. 35mm is too close to 50mm for me.

I just have a hard time giving up my Voigtlander 15, even if it is slow:

Wow, really impressive image!

Although I believe you could have taken that photo with the 16-35 or 12-24, too.

For me 50 or especially 55 is not too close to 35. First, 35 mm is the weakest focal length of the zoom. Second, to get something like 50 mm from 35 mm you have to crop a lot. You lose almost the resolution as you would when using a APS-C lens on full frame... that's too much for me (I like printing large).

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