Best two lens setup for landscapes

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Re: Best two lens setup for landscapes

richj20 wrote:

Verland wrote:

richj20 wrote:

I'll second the suggestion for the 50mm Macro lens. I pair it with my FE 4/12-24 G for landscapes.

From recent trips:

- Richard

Beautiful images, Richard! I also thought about the 12-24 and in fact bought it already. But I have to return it, because it's badly decentered. So time to reconsider my options.

Thanks for the compliment, and that's too bad about your experience with that lens.

Between 24 and 50 is a quite big gap, doesn't it bother you sometimes?

For landscapes -- curiously, no. I carry two cameras for those lenses, and also my small FE 2,8/35 ZA, in my vest pocket, but I've never used it to "fill in the gap."

I also carry it on a second camera when I'm out for wildlife, to photograph in the area for context. Here are a couple of examples:

So, it would make a good landscape lens for me. I don't know about you... a good testing would be in order, I would think!

- Richard

Two Sony full frame cameras? Wow! That would be too much for me.

I will pick up a 50, but not the macro.

Verland wrote:

BBQue wrote:

This is really an impossible question, cause all lenses are suitable for landscapes, really depends your style. I prefer primes over zooms, so a good 2 lens setup (for me) would be Loxia 21 plus FE55/1.8. For zooms, the 12-24 is very highly regarded.

My recent style is influenced by the fact that I almost only used the 16-35 (often the wide end).

I don't do this for a long time, I want to learn and improve, and try other focal lengths (like 40-100 mm).

I have some photos here, if anybody is interested:

Very nice and impressive photos you have there !!! Thanks for sharing these. If you don't mind manual focus, the new Voigtlander 65 macro might be worth a look. It is very highly corrected (apochromatic) plus it gives you macro possibility.

Thank you!

I don't really mind manual focus on wide angle, but I like to have auto focus on other focal lengths.

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