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elliottnewcomb wrote:

Olga let us know in the Sony forum in this thread,

Like many, I had several private messages with Marti, forum business, and personal, thankfully they are saved on the forum.

His private condolences to me regarding losing Peter were from someone with a deep understanding of loss, I will miss him and his pureness of spirit.

He knew I had health issues, so he was willing to discuss his with me, a few of his words.


"Hi Elliot, my story since 2006 :

Well my health is a long story, in 2006 I got hit by accute rheumatism and I was no longer able to do my work as photographer due my affected knees and hands, 2008 while crossing an road in my wheelchair I became the victim of an hit and run driver both me knees got scattered into pieces many operation followed, 2012 I got diagnosed with diabetes and a few months later I had two frozen shoulders and carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, shoulders got operated and the same for my hands, slowly I was getting ongoing pains in my feet legs and my behind caused by an condition called polyneuropathy and small fibre neuropathy which is very painfull most of the time and there is no cure for it, slowly my nerve system is going downwards in small steps,all I can do is keeping my bloodsugar levels as low as possible which slows down the process , i'm living on painkillers and twice a day I get a morphine injection just to keep me going.

Luckely my wife kids grandkids + friends are offering me lots of support.

This is more or less my story till today"


"Elliot, thanks for your friendly words thats highly appreciated, is your neuropathy also caused by diabetes ?

According the neurologist, I must have had diabetes for along time without knowing or signs of it.

I do regonise your symptoms very well, numbness and the feeling if thousands of ants crowling over your body, strange pains in random order on different places.

I was partly lucky that I could accept the situation rather fast as it was not a matter of choice, I always have been a very positive person and it helped me a great deal, sometimes you read "it is as it is" that's the start for acceptance of a situation which you cannot reverse.

I look what I still can do and not the things that I cannot do.

Often I feel sorry for people who are in worse conditions we have a good healthcare system in the Netherlands.

I often shake my head when so called mature people are fighting over luxery articles like cameras lenses and so on.

We should try to contribute to a better world for all.

I grew up with friends of my mother who where photographers and they got me interested in the whole process of it, even now it's still one of my greatest passions, my grandson is 8 years old and very interested and eager to learn which gives me lots of energy.

Long ago in the film era I did a lot of funeral photography, the period between passing away and the funeral him self are often an very emotional period and people hardly remember what happend during the days after.

Photography is capturing moments and making memories for later.

I still have photos of my grandfather with his Harley Davidson in 1916 ( he was one of the first owners in Europe).

Rgds Marti"


Several people in my life who persevere with such positive spirit inspire me, as did Marti,

Thanks Elliot for sharing this with us. I knew that Marti had to deal with some serious health issues but he kept on being active. I was in personal communication with him only once but I shared his views on many topics. I found him to be a nice and gentle person.

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