Godox AD600 HSS Test

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Re: Measuring AD600 output with L-858

fotowbert wrote:

Paul.R.Lindqvist wrote:

Thank you, John, for confirming my suspicion regarding these claims that Godox has changed the very premise HSS works on.

I will probably have the time to test the AD600 with a Sekonic L-858 tomorrow hopefully.

I look forward to what your L-858 says about the non-HSS vs HSS flash output. I expected that eventually someone with the L-858 would tackle this issue.

A few quick thoughts. For maximum accuracy please use 1/10 stop as your readout increment. Also unless the L-858 can be set to ignore ambient light (my L-358 doesn't allow that) any measurements would be best performed in the dark.

Thanks for taking up the challenge.

  • John

Yes will do, thanx!

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Paul L.

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