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I cannot find a camera System that suits me.... :(

Ok, i probably have to rephrase that topic to "I cannot find a camera system that i like enough to stick with it".

Basically, i went through a lot of systems in the past 20 years or so. First i had Bridge Cameras (Panasonic), then with dSLR, I started off with Canon (350D i think it was). Went over to Nikon (D80). Then i ventured into Pentax (K200D), Olympus (E510) then Sony (A350), back to Olympus (E620). Finally, again Sony (A550), again Nikon (D90), Canon (500D), back to Olympus (E-M5) and now lastly i have Sony (A5100).

Honestly, i never really felt as if any of the systems gave me what i really wanted. I am by no means a professional, i only shoot photos out of pure joy, not for anyone but myself and my family.

I shoot mainly landscapes and family pictures (NOT Studio) and all handheld and NO tripod. I really like taking pictures of close-ups, not true macro but close-up photography-

My perfect system would be:

- A good kit lens (i am not rich and cannot afford "good" glass) with a nice range and maybe a "decent" (under $400) longer zoom.

- Ideally fast live-view AF

- A tilting monitor (not just flip but really tilt)

- a viewfinder that lets me see things in bright light, when the screen is not visible

- not too heavy, not too big (Nikon D90 was largest, i really like smaller cams)

- Excellent JPEG out of the camera. I do shoot raw + jpeg but i really hate working with RAW files, i rather have nice JPEG out of the camera.

- Noise performance not horrible at high ISO

- Really good image stabilization (i have really shaky hands and lose a lot of shots because of it)

So far, out of the cameras listed above, my favorite was the Olympus E-620 (those JPEG colors were wonderful) and the Canon 500D (just all around a nice camera to work with and also with decent JPEG output).

Maybe i am also looking for something that does not exist, i don't know.

Can anyone help me with my quest? I finally want a System that i stick with and that helps me feel "at home".

I am currently looking at the 77D with Kit lens and 55-250mm OR Panasonic G85 with Kit Lens.

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