New Fuji user with some questions

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New Fuji user with some questions


I recently picked up an X-T20 with the 18-55 to use for travel. I've only shot with Nikon DSLRs so there is a bit of a learning curve for me but i think i'm getting the hang of it.

I have a few questions that i hope the more experienced Fuji crowd can answer.

(1) Battery Life: I haven't quite got a handle on what to expect as far how many shots I'll get per charge. Coming from a DSLR one battery could last me a few days but after a couple hours on the Fuji I'm seeing 50%. I'm going on a trip where i could go a day or so w/o access to a charger so I'll need a backup or two. The OEMs are bloody expensive but reviews for 3rd party W126s have been hit or miss with some praising them and other complaining of 1-2 hours of life. Are there any quality 3rd party ones or am I better off with OEM and if so would 1 or 2 backups be sufficient for a full day?

*PS on the batteries: One review video I saw recommended turning off the camera between shots to save battery. Would that cause additional wear on the lens? The 18-55 clunks when its turned off and on.

(2) Opinions on the 27mm 2.8? My fav focal length for travel is 24mm on APS-C so logically the 23mm makes sense however i am tempted to get the 27 instead due to its smaller size. I'd like something discreet and not draw too much attention to myself. Will I be sacrificing much in IQ by going that route vs the 23mm?

(3) Iridient X-Transformer with Lightroom workflow: Much has been written about LRs poor performance with sharpening RAF files. I've tried a number of recommended settings but when comparing the edited RAF to the SOOC JPGs they still look soft. I've been converting the RAF files with X-Transformer to DNG (which to my eyes look closer to the JPGs sharpening) and then editing to taste in LR Classic.

does this way make sense? I know there are other editing applications that handle RAF better but I would really prefer to stick with LR for the time being, at least until Adobe discontinues Classic CC and forces everybody to switch to CC, then I'll think about jumping ship.

Also with the added step of making DNGs can I delete the RAF and just keep the DNGs or is it best to keep the RAF files too for future use?

(4) Video Focus: What AF-C mode is best for general video? I've tested them a bit but its been hard to tell which works best except for #1 Standard which seems kinda slow when focusing on a new object.


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