New 24-105mm f4 Sony to complement 4x lenses with A7RIII?

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Re: New 24-105mm f4 Sony to complement 4x lenses with A7RIII?

upgrader wrote:

Rob Sims wrote:

upgrader wrote:

Need some input from you guys... I have my A7RIII on preorder and shoot with the 16-35mm G-Master, 35mm 2.8 Sony Zeiss, 50mm 1.4 Sony Zeiss and the 85mm 1.4 G-Master. Each glass is just amazing, a specialist in its field and for me a keeper. No plan to sell any of them.

I used to shoot wedding with Nikon DSLRs and got used to carrying multiple bodies simultaneously.

So for as long as I’ve been shooting Sony mirrorless (6 Years now), I’ve always carried primes and two bodies instead of zooms. Originally that was an NEX 5N + NEX 6. Many years later it’s now an A7 + A7rii. You’d be surprised how much that reduces lens swapping and how quickly you get used to it. Just mount two complimenting focal ranges, and keep the other ones nearby in case you do need something extreme. Each body weighs similar to a typical lens, so weight wise it’s not really that silly. Also it works as a great backup solution, should anything happen to one camera.

In your scenario you’d be able to keep your 16-35mm and also your 50 or 85mm mounted simultaneously. No lens swapping.

Just my two cents / pence worth.

Many thanks for that idea! I was focused too much on glass. Currently I couldn't afford a 2nd A7RIII but it would be an idea to shoot an A7RII with the 16-35 GM for landscape (AF is not that important here IMHO) and the A7RIII with one of the primes with the great Eye-AF for portraits and more reach.

In all the years I also learned that a great combo would also be the 16-35mm together with an 85mm! The question is if I will not get crazy with the different button-locations on both cameras (It already starts with the different Video-Button...) Also different batteries would be in the game... One camera will respond on the touch-screen the other not...

On the other side an advantage would be to still use the A7RII and having all the Apps that are missing in the A7RIII.

Oh well, I need to think about this. THX for the other input that the 24-105mm f4 would be a step down to the other lenses I have.

An option would also be to wait until the A7RIII price comes down for a 2nd body...

Seems to me you could get the 24-105 and keep that on the A7Riii while the nice 16-35 is on the A7Rii.  You would be happy with that. Keep the 85 for portraits.

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