How do you set Custom Banks on D500?

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Re: How do you set Custom Banks on D500?

8ateleur wrote:

I traded in my D7100 earlier this year on a D500. The user manual only mentions the Custom Banks but do not explain how to set them up. I followed the steps in your reply, but being technologically challenged I screwed up somewhere. On the D7100 memories (U1 +U2) you can make a change to a setting for one shot but the original settings remain. I tried the same with the D500, but each time the last setting replaces the original setting. This is extremely frustrating when out in the field to keep on checking if you still have the correct settings. It got to the point where I got rid of the D500 and bought another D7100. Now someone has given me a D500 as a present and I am still sitting with the same problem - BTW Nikon in South Africa is not interested in the problem they say it works and everything is in the manual.

Nikon is right, in that it's never going to behave like the U1-U2 cameras do. The custom banks are ill-named in my view. Better think of them as "virtual cameras", not as storage memories.  You have cameras A, B, C, D and you can switch between them. So when you flip a switch or setting in the current camera (i.e the active Bank) it stays that way ...

As a workaround you could initialize (at home) all your banks to the same settings. Then out in the field you can use for instance bank A and do some changes, and if you want to revert to the basic state then you can select B knowing that it's "pristine". Any time you want to do something unusual use A, and when you want the default use B.

Personally I use a variant of this where I have set apart D with the default factory settings. A has my custom settings and B & C are copies of A which I use on the field if a change is needed. After a shoot I must reset B or C to A state if I made changes during the shoot.

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