Is a full-frame curved-sensor 'GR-E' possible by mid-2018?

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Tungsten Nordstein
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Is a full-frame curved-sensor 'GR-E' possible by mid-2018?

Not so long ago someone posted a rumour that a new Ricoh-built camera would be coming out called the GR-E and it would be Pentax branded. It would be a full-frame curved sensor and was described exactly in the following manner, with an (estimated) RRP of $1800. I quote:

Ricoh will cease all camera production and it will be moved to the Pentax brand.
June of 2018 will see the release of the full frame GR-E (Extreme)
122.0 mm (W) × 64.7 mm (H) × 39.8 mm (D)
36 megapixel curved sensor
28mm f2.4 lens (non retractable)
Customizable lens ring.
ISO 51200
New battery

I do not want to discuss the validity of the rumour, the intentionality behind the rumour, or talk about the (now deleted) thread or the original thread starter themselves. But it's a surprising proposition both in terms of a camera and in terms of the Ricoh brand itself and, so I simply want to ask this – is it possible that it could happen?

We all know that the big three (Sony, Canon, Nikon) are developing curved (full-frame) sensors and we can suppose also the cameras that would use them. But as of this moment it seems that no one has bought such a full-frame curved sensor to market. I have also read that a French company has made a fully functional prototype 20Mb curved full-frame sensor (2017). But none of this is the same as a 36Mb sensor being manufactured and being made available to 3rd party camera makers.

So, could Ricoh practically introduce such a camera in June 2018 as was stated?

Thoughts please?

NB. I do please ask you not to talk about the original thread or the OP of that thread. Thank-you.

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