Nikkor Inventory - Glaring Gaps

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Nikkor Inventory - Glaring Gaps

There are key issues identified in the sister threads "Any new telephoto release in 2018?" which are better discussed here in parallel, and 'What lenses you need that other makes have, that Nikon don't have?'.

Specifically, What are the major gaps in Nikon's inventory of Primes and Exotics?

To kick off, allow me to quote Rexgig0 ....

Rexgig0 wrote:

chambeshi wrote:

Anjitha wrote:

Also they did 200-500mm f/5.6 release surprises many and gain huge profits. Still no Canon answer for that lens..

The 200-500 also competes against the Sigma tele-zooms.

I heavily “cropped” the above quotes.

I agree with chambeshi, on this point. The Nikkor 200-500/5.6 seems to be an answer to the challenge posed by the Sigma and Tamron budget tele-zooms. I have no data to support it, but I believe that the Tamron and Sigma zooms were affecting Nikon more than Canon.

As for Canon’s “answer” to the 200-500/5.6, it seems plenty of Canon users assert that they are satisfied using the EF 100-400L II I.S., with or without an EF Extender 1.4x, and do not envy the Nikkor 200-500/5.6. Of course, some Canon users will opt for the Sigma and Tamron tele zooms, but perhaps not enough to make Canon feel threatened. I would think that the D500 represents a greater threat to Canon, and that Canon should upgrade the 7D series. I see the combination of the D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm lens being Canon’s problem, much more than the 200-500/5.6 lens, alone.

Canon and Nikon do not “answer” every lens challenge, anyway. This is one reason I shoot with both the Canon and Nikon systems; each has lenses that are worth the trouble of using two systems. When answers do occur, it may be a very long time in happening, as the Canon EF 200-400/4L was announced quite long after the Nikkor 200-200/4 VR.

Thank you for these insightful comparisons from your position of experience. It's very much unique, as there can be few users who maintain both Nikon and Canon in such comprehensive spreads

Nikon have released some impressive lenses within the past decade - as in their Qaurtet of exotic E-apertured, Fluorite telephotos (400, 500, 600, 800). All 4 are top quality AND work very well with TCs. Prominent reviews and tests confirm the consensus that this is fact [ie that TCs deliver superb IQ] on the quartet of exotic teles listed above, and with the 200 f2G and 300 f2.8G,

The background context to the design of new prominent Nikkors with superb IQ and optical performance are instructive as to Nikon's capabilities to deliver excellence:

70-200 f2.8E FL

19mm PCE

24-70 f2.8E



58 f1.4G

105 f1.4E

300 f4E PF

The www links above are to interviews [use Google Translate] and videos, which collectively underscore how the lens designers within Nikon are using their house modelling/measuring system [namely OPTIA cf ]. This enables estimates of aberrations and other optical parameters. Presumably, OPTIA prunes on costs in time and prototypes in lens design.

Reading between the lines of the DCWatch interviews. Nikon seems to have an adept grasp on IQ and packaging their tech expertise with the manufacturing gurus (Quality Control especially) so they can deliver mass produced optics that are truly innovative. A couple of key insights -

1. The case of the 24-70 confirms how well this teamwork delivers....Innovations flourished, apparently...not only in the glass itself, but from redesigning the ultrasonic motors to quality control and manufacturing

2. Integrating in-house expertise across sectors eg the microscope division had used fluorite and fresnel technology prior to its application in telephoto primes.

3. The ability to quantify and manipulate the "wavefront aberration" of the lens toward optimizing the three-dimensional characteristics of the optical instrument. Thus, attributes of the IQ of the 58 f1.4G have been refined in the 105 f1.4E. Such that the IQ of the latter comes very close to the best offered up from the house of Zeiss.

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