Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: IT WORKED!!! WinXP+serial port


Turned out that the serial cable I was using was from a Fuji
camera, I had assumed the pinouts were the same as Oly, but thanks
to your pinout info I found it was not. I didn't have an Oly serial
cable, but did have 2 Fuji cables, so I cut one and rewired
according to your pinout.... Program works perfectly.

Great! Now there are at least four UZIs remapped in Finland, plus yours. Five is a good start.

Dead pixel test at 16 sec iso 100 was 10 hot pixels before
remapping, Zero after remapping.

Read Pixel count was 16 before remapping, zero after remapping.

If you try reading the pixel map again, you'll finally get the sixteen first pixels stored in the memory. For some reason the reading function doesn't always seem to work.

Remap found 206 defective pixels that were remapped.

Your CCD seems to be better than mine. sigh

Did you let the camera warm well before the remapping, or did you do it right after turning the power on? I waited for 15 minutes and got my map full. Perhaps I should try with a bit cooler camera next time...



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