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Re: Canon Lens on Nikon Body

DavidcHarris wrote:

Have a similar question to the OP who I see has now got D750 the exact body I'm about to order, I was very interested to read the general opinions are that Canon glass is generally unworkable on Nikon FX bodies with an adapter mainly because of size difference and distance changes, however the general exception seems to be for macro.

I have a very specific requirement for very closeup macro product work and was looking at the MP-E65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro lens ( as it seems to be the only game in town for this type of thing.

Understand an adapter will force manual focus, no big deal here assuming it will focus to infinity, but I was more concerned about what it does to exposure and aperture.

The MP-E 65mm 1-5X Macro can't focus to infinity on *any* camera. It can only focus at the *Minimum Focus Distance* for any particular zoom setting. One gets a roughly 65mm FoV at 1X, and a roughly 325mm FoV at 5X.

There's only one ring that adjust both focus and zoom, because they are the exact same thing. You can set the magnification you want, then move the camera/lens forwards/backwards until your desired subject is in focus. Or, if the subject is somewhere between 238mm and 313mm from the film/sensor plane, you can move the ring to bring your desired subject into focus and accept whatever magnification you get.

On an EOS camera the working distance (distance from front of lens to focus distance) at 1X is about 100mm. At that magnification it can not focus any closer or any further. By 5X the working distance is only 41mm. At that magnification it can not focus any closer or any further.

Putting an MP-E 65mm 1-5X Macro on a Nikon F-mount body would be the equivalent of using it with a 2.5mm extension tube on a Canon EOS body. Add that 2.5mm "extension tube" and the working distance at 5X would be several millimeters less and the magnification would be slightly higher than 5X.

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