Why buy $$$ tripods?

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Darwinism & tripods

I believe most photographers "evolve" into their various tripod needs and selections.

Newcomers to photography will generally focus on buying a "camera", with little consideration for anything other than snapping a few pics of friends, family, and pets. More often than not, the only "accessory" they'll choose is a bag. A few adventurous-types may buy a tripod, with the view that they simply want something to "hold the camera",,perhaps allowing themselves to get into a picture when using the cameras' self-timer. The potential impact on exposure is something they're a long way from considering at that point.

A small portion of that group will most likely become hobbyists, and again, the focus will most likely be on buying a "better camera", and interchangeable lenses. Once again, tripods are often seen as a distant consideration.("Should I buy better lenses???") etc.

A small proportion of those hobbyists, will now become enthusiasts, and many are concentrating on specific fields of photography,,,, be it sports,,, or wildlife,,, birds-in-flight,, travel, portraiture, product/still-life, macro, video, astro-photography, street, landscapes, to name a few. This is the level where the enthusiast focuses on getting the best possible result with whatever gear they have,,, and "some" of those photographers will realize that their chosen photographic discipline has specific requirements, and that there are tools which will enhance and maximize their results. Enter the "task specific tripod/head combo". By now, we know precisely what we're looking for, but,,, "how do I find the IDEALtripod for my needs?" Surely, there's that "one perfect-solution tripod out there,,, Do I buy for Height? stability? foldability? portability? durability? serviceability? reliability? affordability? (all those "ity's") Choices, choices, choices.

By now we've come to realize that there's no single "be all/do all" solution. There will always be a certain degree of trade-off and compromise, and that's where the "I need more-than one tripod" syndrome kicks in. At this stage, you're well aware of what your specific needs are, and you recognize that those choices you make, can be as important as the cameras and lenses that you choose,,,,,, not an "accessory",,,, but in fact, a gear-partnership, and an essential component of a complete package.

Refinement unfortunately, often comes at a cost, but the upside is, that "cost" is often far less than the cameras and lenses you're protecting, and the results you're enhancing.


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